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iot enabled Android based 7” Graphical touch LCD with inbuilt cortex processor & DAQ for acquiring analog
data and software for viewing the output waveforms with USB storage and HDMI output. Ethernet port to
connect real world. Inverting, Non –Inverting, Power, Current, Instrumentation and Differential Amplifier, F to
V, V to F, I to V, V to I Converter, High Pass and Low Pass Filter, Buffer, LED, Buzzer, LED Bar
Graph, Touch Switch Included Sensors :RTD,NTC Thermistor,LM35,Photovoltic, Air humidity and
Temperature, Gas(Smoke), Air Quality, Atmospheric Pressure, Limit switch, Capacitive displacement
Technical Specifications: LM35 : 10mv/ °C
Platinum RTD : 100Ω at 0°C (Temp. Coefficient 0.385 Ω /°C)
K Type Thermocouple : -200°C to 1250°C
NTC Thermistor : 4.7KΩ
BPX65 Photo Diode : 500nm – 1100nm
L14G1 Photo Transistor : 500nm – 1100nm
Photovoltaic Cell : 500mv – 580mv
2 mm interconnection : Min 80 nos sockets
Gas(Smoke) : Methane, Butane, LPG, Smoke
Air Quality : Detection Range: 10 - 300 ppm , NH3, 10 -1000 ppm Benzene, 10 - 300 Alcohol
Atmospheric Pressure : Pressure Range: 15 to 115kpa
Limit switch : TTL
Capacitive displacement : 0 – 5VDC Output Input sensors must include:
1. Temperature sensor: RTD, NTC Thermistor, LM35, Thermocouple
2. Optical Sensor: Photo Voltaic Cell, LDR (Light Dependent Resistor.), Photo
Transistor, PIN Photo diode
3. IR Sensor: TSOP 1738, IR LED
4. Pressure Sensor: SX100DN
5. Displacement Sensor: LVDT, Potentiometric Sensor, Capacitive displacement sensor
6. Force Sensor: Strain Gauge, Load Cell, Piezoelectric Sensor
7. Environment Sensors: Gas Sensor, Alcohol Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Fire Sensor,
Smoke Detector
8. Switches; 9. Proximity Sensors; 10. Speed Sensor
11. Biomedical Sensors; 12. Other Sensors
Necessary connecting probes, accessories and manuals must be supplied.

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