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Product Overview

Smart Wireless Sensor Network Trainer


•     Wireless network using Zigbee protocol
•     Onboard 16X4 LCD display on nodes
•     Pre-configured nodes, easy to operate and programmable nodes
•     ISM band 2.4 GHz. operation
•     Data collection from end device & rely to co-ordinator(gateway) via routers or direct to co-ordinator
•     Four analog / digital input connector on each node
•     Status indicators like association, data received, received signal strength (RSSI) and data transfer
•     Possible network combinations - star, mesh etc.
•     Compatible with Elvux Wireless Sensor Network - Windows software
•     Sensors’ readings on built-in LCD of node
•     Sensor type selection with keypad on node
•     Raw data can also be captured and send to co-ordinator
•     Real-time data relay to co-ordinator.
•     9 different sensors like temperature, motion, humidity, light, capacitive touch, sound, flame etc.

Satellite & Wireless
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Smart Wireless Sensor Network Trainer
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