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About PLC

10 point (6) 24V DC inputs, (2) analog inputs, (4) isolated relay output(8 Amps)

Number of discrete input and outputs

6 In/4 Out

Number of analog inputs

2 built in, 4 additional with analog expansion

Physical I/O maxium

36 I/O

Support exansion


LCD display and keypad

4 lines x 12 characters

User program logic memory

200 rungs and 99 blocks

Protocols supported

Modbus slave, device net slave , Profibus slave expansion modules

Input power voltage

24 V DC

Power supply power consumption

90 mAmps

Input device voltage

24 VDC

High speed frequency

1 Khz

Output control voltage

250V / 30 VDC Relay outputs, 8A Resistive Load

PWM maximum output frequency


Analog resolution

10 Bits

Analog input range

0 to 10 VDC

Analog input used as digital  input

Input current 0.63 mA@ 24V DC

Input ON current;

0.161 mA@ 9.8 VDC

Input OFF Current

0.085 mA @ 5 VDC

Dimensions (WxHxD) mm

72 mm x 90 mm x 58 mm

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