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Flow control trainer is designed for understanding the basic principles of flow control. The process setup consists of supply water tank fitted with pump for water circulation. A DP transmitter is used for flow sensing which measures differential pressure across orifice meter. The process parameter (flow) is controlled by microprocessor based digital indicating controller which manipulates pneumatic control valve through I/P converter. The control valve is fitted in water flow line. These units along with necessary piping are fitted on support housing designed for tabletop mounting. The controller can be connected to computer through ethernet port for monitoring the process in SCADA mode. Product is supplied


with 32 tag demo version of SCADA software package


  • ON-Off & PID operation
    • ·

MODBUS communication

  • ·

Auto tuning

  • Multi drop and point to point Communication
  • ·

SCADA study

  • ·

Server-Client communication

Range of Experiments

  • Study of open loop (Manual control)
    • Tuning of controller (Open loop method)
    • Study of on/off controller
      • Tuning of controller (Closed loop method)
      • Study of proportional controller
        • Tuning of controller (Using Auto Tuning )
        • Study of prop. integral controller
          • Study of stability of the system (Bode plot)
          • Study of prop. derivative controller
            • Study of multi drop communication
            • Study of PID controller
              • Study of Server-Client communication



Demo version of SCADA Software package (32 tags) is provided which helps in learning basics of SCADA programming. The software can be operated in development and runtime mode. The experiments are conducted in Runtime mode and the engineering

can be viewed/modified in Development mode. The software is easy to use, flexible & scalable with features like Data access, trend plots, Data logging, Printing, Data export





Flow control trainer




Type of control






Control unit


Digital  indicating  controller  with  Ethernet  communication  Make



Yokogawa, model UT35

Diff. pressure transmitter


Type Capacitance, two wire, Range 0–200 mm, Output 4–20 mA sq.root,



Make Yokogawa

I/P converter


Input 4-20mA, Output 3-15 psig, Make Control air




Control valve


Type Pneumatic, Size 1/4", Input 3–15 psig, Air to close, Characteristic



Linear, Make Pneucon



10-100 LPH, Make eureka






Fractional horse power, type submersible




Supply tank






Flow measurement


Orifice meter




Air filter regulator


Range 0-2.5 kg/cm2, Make Airmatic




Pressure gauge


Range 0-2.5 kg/cm2(1No), Range 0-7 kg/cm2(1No), Make Wika




Overall dimensions


550Wx475Dx520H mm






SCADA software package; Mini Compressor

Utilities Required

Electric supply


230 +/- 10 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 phase


With standard configuration


Water Supply

Distilled water @10 liters

Air Supply


Clean, oil and moisture free air,


Pressure 6 Bar, Air consumption 7.0 m3/hr

Support table

Size: 800Wx800Dx750H in mm

Process Control Trainer
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