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Sensor For Smart Parking

Sensor For Smart Parking



Processor speed ranges from 700 MHz to 1.4 GHz for the Pi 3 Model B+ or 1.5GHz for the Pi 4; on-board memory ranges from 256 MB to 1 GB with up to 4 GB available on the Pi 4 random-access memory (RAM). Secure Digital (SD) cards in Micro SDHC form factor (SDHC on early models) are used to store the operating system and program memory. The boards have one to four USB ports. For video output, HDMI and composite video are supported, with a standard 3.5 mm tip-ring-sleeve jack for audio output. Lower-level output is provided by a number of GPIO pins, which support common protocols like I²C. The B-models have an 8P8C Ethernet port and the Pi 3 and Pi Zero W have on-board Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth.


DEGREE MOBILE CONTROL : Rotate camera horizontally or vertically from anywhere in the world using mobile application IR NIGHT VISION : HD night vision with inbuilt IR lens for crisp & clear image even in dark. MOTION DETECTION: Will send alerts whenever any motion is detected.


PIR sensor detects a human being moving around within approximately 10m from the sensor. This is an average value, as the actual detection range is between 5m and 12m.PIR are fundamentally made of a pyro electric sensor, which can detect levels of infrared radiation. For numerous essential projects or items that need to discover when an individual has left or entered the area.


As the name indicates, ultrasonic sensors measure distance by using ultrasonic waves. The sensor head emits an ultrasonic wave and receives the wave reflected back from the target. Ultrasonic Sensors measure the distance to the target by measuring the time between the emission and reception.


A relay is an electrically operated switch that can be turned on or off, letting the current go through or not, and can be controlled with low voltages, like the 5V provided by the Arduino and Raspberry pi pins. The high-voltage side has two connectors, each with three sockets: common (COM), normally closed (NC), and normally open (NO).


Hall Effect Sensors are devices which are activated by an external magnetic field. We know that a magnetic field has two important characteristics flux density, (B) and polarity (North and South Poles). The output signal from a Hall effect sensor is the function of magnetic field density around the device. When the magnetic flux density around the sensor exceeds a certain pre-set threshold, the sensor detects it and generates an output voltage called the Hall Voltage, VH .


This is a 12 Volt Mini HOOTER which can be used in your project for alarm purpose. Though is is called "Mini Siren" there is nothing mini about it the sound is ear deafening and turn this ON at your own risk. If you are tired of old buzzer and want something with loud noise then this is the siren for you.

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Sensor For Smart Parking
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