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PM-P3221 Balance Triple Beam

PM-P3221 Balance Triple Beam


Single pan, total Capacity 2610gm (Using attachments weights)
sensitive to 0.1gm. The three beams are each provided with a
sliding weight and are graduated 0-500x100g, 0-100 x 10gm
and 0-10x0.1gm respectively, permitting reading upto 610gm
without the use of attachment weight. Magnetic damping of the
beam provides quick accurate weighing, with stainless steel pan
150mm diameter.

Attachment weights. Two 1 kg and one-500gm weights with stainless steel knife –edge suspension for
attachments to suspension pivot on the beam, to increase the capacity of the valance up to 2610gm.

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PM-P3221 Balance Triple Beam
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