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PM-P3223 Air Track Linear

PM-P3223 Air Track Linear


Triangular section Aluminium alloy track, length 255cm with staggered air holes at 25mm spacing approx,
supported by two light alloy casting positioned 45cm from each end of the track. Each support has an
adjustable knurled screw with fiducially rivet to facilitate track setting, one revolution corresponding to a
height difference of 1.25mm Lateral and horizontal adjustable are made separately at the two and one point
support respectively. V- slots are incorporated for positioning the four faced scaling rule. Vertical holes
accommodate a quick action shutter with an integral cable release for use in stroboscope photography. Large
catapult arms with slots for elastic bands are fitted to each end of the track. A pulley fitted to one end of the
track enables experiments involving acceleration under a constant force to be investigated. Identical end caps
enable air to be introduced from either end of the track, bung being supplied to close the end not being used.
The knurled screw, catapult arms and pulley mountings are matt black finish to aid the interpretation of
stroboscope photographs. Complete with supply of elastic bands.
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PM-P3223 Air Track Linear
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