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COLOUR TV TRAINER Colour TV Trainer is an ideal training equipment to teach the operation of colour TV receivers. The complete circuit of colour TV Receiver is printed on single PCB. Sectionwise coloured printing on PCB helps in easy understanding of function of different blocks. More than 50 test points allow the analysis and monitoring of the signals in different sections. It safe to operate because all the test points are protected against accidental shortcircuits. By using the fault simulation method, it is possible to introduce the most common breakdown and their rectification. Technical manual includes circuit diagram with component list of each section. Test point details with typical voltages and wave forms are provided in the manul. The Trainer has been specially designed with Sliding Main Board with locking facility. The detachable CRT Unit is another feature. It can also be used as a normal desktop Colour TV Receiver.

  1. TV Receiver in open form with all components & controls placed on single PCB
  2. Each circuit block shown in different colour for easy identification
  3. Solder less fault creation &Rectification
  4. Legend printing on PCB
  5. More than 20 test points
  6. Compact Design-Sliding Main board with locking facility
  7. Can be used as Desktop Colour TV
  8. Fully documented Operating Manual with glossary of terms
  9. Manual and remote control operation
  10. Detachable CRT Unit.

Experiments that can be performed

  1. Study of RF-Section through test points, fault simulation rectification
  2. Study of VIF- section through test point, fault simulation rectification
  3. Study of Video/Chroma section through test points, fault simulation rectification
  4. Study of System Control Section through test points, faults simulation rectification
  5. Study circuit of Horizontal Vertical Oscillator Output sections
  6. Study oc circuit of Horizontal Vertical output sections through test points fault simulation rectification
  7. Study of R-GBvideo output Section 
  8. study of Audio Sound section and many more.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Standard : CCIR-B-PPM-G, 625 Lines
  2. Channels : 230 2-4VHP: I (VL), 5-12VHPIII (VH) 12 -100:BANDIV&V, else : SBAND & HYPERBAND
  3. Picture Tube Size : 36cms.Diagonal
  4. RF Input Impedance : 75W
  5. Circuit Blocks : System Control Circuit, Video IF, Sound, Tuner Section, Horizontal Oscillator, Horizontal Output, Vertical Oscillator, Vertical output, Video&Chroma Section, Power Supply, AV sections
  6. ON Screen Display to set : Volume Brightness, Contrast, Colour Channel Band Selection Tuning
  7. Panel Control : ON-OFF Switch, Stand by MenuVol + / - Prog + / -
  8. Remote Control Function : Volume, Brightness, Stand by, Colour, Contrast, Channel Selection, Audio Mute, AV Mode, Zoom, Swap, Scan Child Lock
  9. PCB Size : 475 x375mm
  10. No. Pf Faults : 24
  11. No. of test Points : 25
  12. I.F. Frequency : Video - 38.9MHz,Audio - 33.4MHz
  13. Speaker Size : 50 x125mm
  14. Accelerating Potential : 24KVmax
  15. Operating Voltage for EHT : 110V
  16. Mains Supply : 230V± 15%, 60Hz on request
  17. Power Consumption : 75VA(Approx)
  18. Dimensions :W590x D490 x H525
  19. Weight : 19Kg. (Approx)

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